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Offering Stated Income Loans for Self Employed Borrowers

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Real Estate Financial is one of few lenders in the Atlanta market offering Jumbo Stated Income loans. There is one catch, it must be a jumbo loan and you typically need 30% down.  This product is not offered in conforming loan amounts (<417K) due to the Qualified Mortgage rules.

This is the perfect loan for self employed borrowers who write off much of their income but have assets or deposits consistent with the income they are claiming.  Losses on tax returns for start up costs or special depreciation that trouble many self employed borrowers are typically not a problem with this product. And unlike hard money lenders, the interest rates are only about a half point higher than that of fully documented jumbo loans.  The interest rate on the loans currently in the pipeline are averaging in the low 4’s for at 7/1 Arm.

If you’d like more information, please contact Chad VonHoven at  678-935-1934

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