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Mortgage Fees may go up in 2012!

Fannie and Freddie to Increase Fees… But What Does It Mean? Starting in 2012, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are expected to increase their fees, which could impact homebuyers depending on the risk of their loan or the location of their home. Here’s what you need to know – including what’s really happening and what […]

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Making Home Affordable Refinance Programs Have Been Extended

The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) has been extended until June 30, 2012. This is great news for anyone whose home has fallen in value and would like to take advantage of the current rates. Find out more about these programs below in our Blog. Eligible Loans must close/fund/disburse on or before June 30, 2012 […]

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Introducing New Refinancing Solutions

Educate yourself about the new refinancing options available under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, or HARP. Launched by the federal government under the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, HARP may help responsible homeowners refinance into more affordable payments by allowing borrowers who are current on their existing mortgage to refinance up to 105% LTV with no […]

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Program for Disabled Children or Elderly Parents

Real Estate Financial is pleased to announce our Program for Disabled Children and Elderly Parents . We know that not all situations are easy and we work hard to deliver the best programs and rates available to you. Our Program for Disabled Children and Elderly Parents allows  parent-borrower or child-borrower transactions to be considered a […]

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Mortgage Morning Outlook

We will start the day carefully floating as prices are off their worst levels, but be ready to lock. The 25-day moving average resistance level has halted the mortgage bond’s gains over the past week. On a positive note, the a layer of support has helped Bonds remain near current levels. But get ready – […]

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Learn About Making Home Affordable

The Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable Program includes opportunities to modify or refinance your mortgage to make your monthly payments more affordable. A major portion of the Making Home Affordable initiative includes Fannie Mae’s DU Refi Plus & Freddie Mac’s Relief Refinance (Open Access) program which allows borrowers who are current on their existing mortgage […]

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How Recent Market Changes Can Affect You

As the Real Estate and financial markets continue to move up and down, mortgage rates can also be affected. Since mortgage rates are more closely tied to the bond markets, an up or down move in the stock market may not have the result in mortgage rates that one might expects. In fact, many times […]

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